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Columbus Day crossword puzzle
Columbus Day

title columbus wanted to be given: "great _ of the ocean", first name of explorer for whom america is actually named, columbus was born …

Winter Season crossword puzzle
Winter Season

8-day holiday typically celebrated by jewish people, the highest grossing christmas movie of all time, festival of life celebrated from december 26 to …

Christmas crossword puzzle

plant that is decorated at christmas, spheres hung on a christmas tree, the day after christmas, gifts given at christmas, parasitic plant that hangs …

Vampire Bats crossword puzzle
Vampire Bats

a pointed long animal tooth, a kind or type of animal, able to return to its normal shape after being bent, an animal that eats other animals, one of …

Fourth of July crossword puzzle
Fourth of July

Independence Day, also called Fourth of July or July 4th, in the United States, the annual celebration of nationhood.

Memorial Day crossword puzzle
Memorial Day

ring of flowers, often placed on graves, soldiers trained to engage in aerial missions are in the _ force, inspired by love of country, soldiers …

Halloween Trivia crossword puzzle
Halloween Trivia

her cackle crashes through the midnight sky as she rides around on her brromstick, one who is undead, human by day and creature by night. silver …

Christmas Fun crossword puzzle
Christmas Fun

used to stick pieces of paper together, a reindeer that likes the start of donovans name, an ingredient used in baking, a sweet yummy snack, what …

Valentines Day Trivia crossword puzzle
Valentine's Day Trivia

this affliction causes excessive romantic desire, before they were candy hearts, they were this, her affair with a handsome count doomed this russian …

Winter Wonderland crossword puzzle
Winter Wonderland

ice sport played with a puck, a popular winter sport, the twelfth month of the year in the northern hemisphere usually considered the first month of …

Christmas, Santa, Elves, Deer crossword puzzle
Christmas, Santa, Elves, Deer

where jesus was born, a pendent, tapering mass formed by dripping h2o, red nosed, got lost in new york city, good on birthday cakes, bad on christmas …

Winter Time crossword puzzle
Winter Time

the month when we celebrate christmas, white, powdery substance, covering for your philanges, worn to protect your feet, a thick jacket, the act of …

Mardi Gras crossword puzzle
Mardi Gras

head of the krewe, king of mardi gras, fat monday, fashion of dress for a particular occasion, a male sovereign or monarch, fat tuesday, a large …

Celebrating Around The World crossword puzzle
Celebrating Around The World

spanish phrase meaning happy christmas, in france, merry christmas is exclaimed this way, chinese winter festival, in the uk, this is the holiday …

A Baby is Brewing crossword puzzle
A Baby is Brewing

sometimes used in math and can also be consumed by infants, a human waste receptacle that is worn, they cause pain during labor, holds liquid and is …

Happy Mothers Day crossword puzzle
Happy Mother's Day

baby goats and children, hallmark greeting, mother's counterpart, she kisses these away, what children are to each other, arrangement of flowers, for …

Thanksgiving Trivia crossword puzzle
Thanksgiving Trivia

another name for pilgrims, nominated turkey to be national bird, plymouth governor, drink that pilgrims provided, state that eats most turkeys, indian …

Plants and Parties! crossword puzzle
Plants and Parties!

elegant and delicate dishes often used for special occasions, a small indoor garden in a glass container, protective mats placed on the table under …

Happy New Year! crossword puzzle
Happy New Year!

an organized public procession of people, bands, and floats, a spectacular display of the effects in the sky, that which is resolved or determined, …

World Book Day crossword puzzle
World Book Day

World Book and Copyright Day is a celebration to promote the enjoyment of books and reading.

Juneteenth crossword puzzle

traditional color of food and drink during juneteenth, first state to make juneteenth a statewide holiday, word made out of two words, an official …

Kings Day crossword puzzle
King's Day

the king of england's name, the city the royal family is visiting on king's day 2023, the month king's day is celebrated, king willem-alexander's …

Thanksgiving Day crossword puzzle
Thanksgiving Day

a huge meal, native americans, an attitude of gratitude, you cave it on halloween, you put it on your mashed potatoes, you mash them, location of …

A Merry Christmas crossword puzzle
A Merry Christmas

decorate your house and christmas tree with bright, wears a red suit, you leave this out for santa to eat, a type of cookie, kiss under this, you …

Saint Valentines Day crossword puzzle
Saint Valentine's Day

the flower of love, type of candy you give on valentine's day, japan's "opposite" of valentine's day (2 words), something cupid shoots with …

Mothers Day crossword puzzle
Mother's Day

rise and _ !, hold someone in your arms, change the color of something, where blooms might grow, a mother's _ is endless, gift, pretty blooms you …

St. Valentine crossword puzzle
St. Valentine

is the patron saint for this disease, he wrote parliament of foules, an underground cemetery consisting of a subterranean gallery with recesses for …

Easter Trivia crossword puzzle
Easter Trivia

Easter is one of the principal holidays, or feasts, of Christianity. It marks the Resurrection of Jesus three days after his death by crucifixion.

St. Patricks Day crossword puzzle
St. Patrick's Day

what is celebrated on march 17?, what color are you supposed to wear on st. patrick's day?, march _ , 4 leaf _ , foue-leaf clovers bring you _ , a …

Cinco de Mayo crossword puzzle
Cinco de Mayo

european country whose troops fought mexico in the battle of puebla in 5/5/1862, traditional mexican folk music performer, public march that …