A Christmas Carol Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: future : the spirit of christmas yet to come, humbug : scrooge's expresson/saying, london : the setting of the story // city in england, present : this spirit said tiny tim might die, christmas : scrooge did no like this holiday, scrooge : a bitter man who does not believe in christmas, dickens : author of a christmas carol, cratchit : scrooge's clerk bob, turkey : scrooge sent a large one to the cratchit home, ebenezer : scrooge's first name, eve : when marley appeared: christmas _ , tim : cratchit's lame youngest son; tiny _ , past : the first spirit to visit scrooge, chains : marley was wearing the ones he forged in life, marley : scrooge's dead partner, grave : the last spirit showed scrooge his _ stone