Christmas, Santa, Elves, Deer Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: BETHLEHEM : Where Jesus was born, ICICLE : A pendent, tapering mass formed by dripping H2O, RUDOLPH : Red nosed, BUDDY : Got lost in New York City, CANDLES : Good on birthday cakes, bad on Christmas trees, NORTH : Santa lives at this pole, FAWN : A young deer in it's first year, GRINCH : Stole Christmas, CRANBERRY : This berry is great on a turkey sandwhich, MOOSE : Largest type of deer, JOHN : This type of deer will cut your lawn, HERD : Group of deer, CARIBOU : This deer lives in arctic regions; often called a reindeer, LINK : From The Legend of Zelda, STAG : Male deer, or to go somewhere alone, BUCK : Male deer or a dollar, KRINGLE : Santa is sometimes called "Kris ____", YULE : Anglican winter festival, LEGOLAS : Friend to the Hobbit, NICHOLAS : Santa is sometimes called "Saint ____", COMET : This reindeer was celestial body, BAMBI : Thumper's friend, FROSTY : The snowman, ELVES : They kelp Santa and kills Orcs, STOCKINGS : These are hung by the fireplace