Christmas, Santa, Elves, Deer Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: bethlehem : where jesus was born, icicle : a pendent, tapering mass formed by dripping h2o, rudolph : red nosed, buddy : got lost in new york city, candles : good on birthday cakes, bad on christmas trees, north : santa lives at this pole, fawn : a young deer in it's first year, grinch : stole christmas, cranberry : this berry is great on a turkey sandwhich, moose : largest type of deer, john : this type of deer will cut your lawn, herd : group of deer, caribou : this deer lives in arctic regions; often called a reindeer, link : from the legend of zelda, stag : male deer, or to go somewhere alone, buck : male deer or a dollar, kringle : santa is sometimes called "kris _ ", yule : anglican winter festival, legolas : friend to the hobbit, nicholas : santa is sometimes called "saint _ ", comet : this reindeer was celestial body, bambi : thumper's friend, frosty : the snowman, elves : they kelp santa and kills orcs, stockings : these are hung by the fireplace