Christmas Around the World Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: SAINT NICHOLAS : In the Netherlands, children leave a shoe out in hopes to receive sweets or small presents from this man during the night., POINSETTIA : This flowering winter plant is originally from Mexico., HOLLY : The United Kingdom uses this greenery to ward off evil spirits and celebrate new growth., ADVENT : Germans eat one treat each day to help countdown this time leading up to Christmas Day., LIGHTS : In the United States they use these to illuminate their homes during the holidays., STOCKING : In Italy, children hang this by the fireplace for Befana, an old lady, to fill with presents., CANDY CANE : Originated in Germany, this was made to look like a Shepard crook., CARDINAL : This bird is a common symbol of Christmas and brings good luck throughout the year., WINTER FEST : This festival is celebrated every year in Hong Kong and is famous for its New Year's countdown., BOXING DAY : In the United Kingdom, this is the holiday celebrated on the day after Christmas., FELIZNAVIDAD : In Mexico, Merry Christmas is exclaimed this way., SLEIGH : Pulled by one horse, this jingles all the way., NATIVITY : The Star of Bethlehem led the Biblical Magi to the birth of Jesus, commonly depicted as this scene., RUDOLPH : Part of an American Christmas Tale, this is the 9th animal to pull Santa's sleigh., HERALD : Hark! These sing glory to the new born king!, PICKLE : A strange modern Christmas tradition that requires hanging this last on the tree and the first child to find it gets an extra present., JOYEAUXNOEL : In France, Merry Christmas is exclaimed this way., ORNAMENT : Originated in Germany, these are hung on a Christmas tree for decoration., FRUITCAKE : This European dessert is soaked in spirits and served in celebration of Christmas., EVERGREEN : Typically topped with a star, this type of fir is decorated in American homes at Christmas.