Be My Valentine Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: EROS : Cupid has what name in Greek mythology?, CALIFORNIA : This state produces most of America's red roses, SPOONS : Wales celebrates Valentine's Day (Saint Dwynwen) on January 25th by exchanging handcrafted wooden ______, LOVE : An intense feeling of deep affection, SWEETHEARTS : This valentines day candy was created on equipment used to make lozenges, VERONA : Letters are sent to this city in Italy to Juliet every year, YOUTUBE : This website debuted on Valentine's Day 2005, ARGENTINA : Which country celebrates Valentine's Day during the summer?, OXYTOCIN : This chemical is known as the "love hormone", ROSES : The most common flower given on Valentines day, PHILIPPINES : Lovapalooza is held in this country each year., FINLAND : This country's Valentine's day is known as "Friend's Day", HAMLET : William Shakespeare mentions Valentine's Day in this play, JAPAN : On Valentine's Day in this country, women typically buy the gifts and chocolates, CUPID : Who is the symbol of Valentine's Day?, XOXO : Kisses and Hugs, FIFTEEN : Which day in Rome was Valentine's day originally celebrated? 02/__, VENUS : Cupid's Mother, HEART : The shape of love