The Chemistry of Valentine's Day Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: TITANIUM : Symbol is Ti, VANADIUM : The chemical symbol for this element is V., HIGH : This kind of altitude makes milk more dense., ALUMINUM : The atomic number for this element is 13. The symbol is the second and third letter of today's holiday name., CALORIE : Unit of heat energy. One Reeses cup has about 100 of these units., SWITZERLAND : A country famous for its quality and flavor of chocolate., THEOR BROMINE : The chemical that makes chocolate toxic to dogs. Present mainly in dark chocolate., HEART : Symbol of Valentine's day, SATURATED : Most of the fat in chocolate is this type - which is bad for your heart ironically., SUGAR : C6H1206 is the formula for this compound., COCOA BEAN : The plant which chocolate is made from., GRASS : Main diet of Swiss cows., BLOOM : Caused on chocolate when the fat migrates to the surface., CAFFEINE : 12 mg per ounce of dark chocolate contains this compound., HOMOGINIZE : To make the chocolate very smooth and creamy., CYANIN : One anthocyanin that gives roses their red color., CUTE : Copper and tellurium's symbols together make this word., VISCOSITY : A property of the liquid state of chocolate related to its flow., MORE DENSE : The Swiss cows produce milk with this quality which makes the milk chocolate., DARK CHOCOLATE : Has more caffeine than milk chocolate.