Flag Day Crossword Puzzle

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  • loyal : another word for faithful
  • betsy ross : who is credited with making the first american flag
  • oak : national tree of the united states
  • bald eagle : national bird of the united states.
  • statue of liberty : a statue at the entrance to new york harbor, a symbol of welcome to immigrants
  • parade : a public procession, especially one celebrating a special day or event and including marching bands and floats.
  • thirteen : # of stars on the first american flag
  • promise : another word for pledge
  • fifty : # of stars on the american flag
  • red white : colors of the stripes on the american flag
  • liberty bell : iconic symbol of american independence, located in philadelphia, it rings
  • rose : national flower of united states
  • stars : on our flag what represents the number of states
  • the white house : where the president and his family live