Mardi Gras Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: CAPTAIN : Head of the krewe, REX : King of Mardi Gras, LUNDI GRAS : Fat Monday, COSTUME : Fashion of dress for a particular occasion, KING : A male sovereign or Monarch, MARDI GRAS : Fat Tuesday, PARADE : A large public procession, FAITH : Green stands for this, MASKERS : Krewe members who ride on a float, FORTY SEVEN : Days between Mardi Gras and Easter., BEADS : Necklaces thrown from floats, FLAMBEAUX : Provided light for the first Mardi Gras Parades, QUEEN : A female sovereign or monarch, CARNIVAL : The season immediately preceding Lent, THROWS : Articles collected from floats, ZULU : First African American Crew, POWER : Gold stands for this, KREWE : Carnival Organizations, BEADS : Small round pieces of material, for stringing or beading, LADDER : Stand or sit on this to catch beads, CARNIVAL : Farewell to Flesh - Season of Feasting before Fasting, FLOATS : Decorated platforms pulled by a tractor in a parade, DOUBLOONS : Plastic or metal coins thrown from parade floats, JUSTICE : Purple stands for this, MASK : A covering for all or part of the face