Sewing Crossword Puzzle

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  • hem : the finished edge on the bottom of a shirt or sleeve.
  • needle : this is threaded and used to sew fabric together.
  • seam : along the line where two pieces of fabric are sewn together.
  • iron : a tool used to straighten or press fabric.
  • press : an iron is used to do this. steam can be used. the iron is held in one place at a time while doing this.
  • rotary cutter : used to cut fabric. looks like a pizza cutter
  • seam ripper : a tool with a small hook on one end that can slip under a stitch and get close enough to it to cut the stitch.
  • spool : most thread comes on one of these.
  • pin : it holds the fabric in place before it has been sewn together.
  • alteration : making changes to clothing to provide a better fit after it is purchased.
  • lining : a fabric that covers up the inside seams of a garment or used on the inside of a purse or bag.
  • zipper : this can be used to open and close a bag or the back of a dress.
  • thimble : this protects your fingers as you sew by hand. it can be used to push the needle through the fabric.
  • baste : this type of stitching is temporary to hold fabric in place and then pulled out later in the project.