Art Careers Crossword Puzzle

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PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.

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QUESTIONS LIST: sculptor : an artists that creates three-dimensional art works, potter : an artist the uses clay and a kiln to create works of art, art historian : a person that studies ancient and modern art, cartoonist : an artist that sketches or draws people, things or events in an amusing way, print maker : an artist that uses a brayer and ink to transfer an image from one surface to another, medical : _ illustrator - an artist who draws detailed images of the human body and its organs for scientific study, typographer : a person who designs his/her own fonts so that each letter looks like a different animal, curator : a person that selects artifacts and works of art to be exhibited in a museum, weaver : an artist that uses a loom, muralist : an artist that creates large images on walls, preservationist : a person that restores paintings and artifacts to good condition, architect : a person who draws blueprints or designs buildings, graphic designer : an artist that uses his or her artist skills to help a business sell their products or service, animator : an artist that creates images that give the illusion of movement.