Clay and Ceramics Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this Clay and Ceramics crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.

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QUESTIONS LIST: bisque : a ceramic ware that has been fired once, bone dry : clay that has lost all the moisture and is no longer cool to the touch; while solid, it is very fragile!, flange : a clay ring that holds on the lid of a pot, plastic : soft and pliable, coil : a rope of clay; these are used for one type of building, glaze : a coating of glass that is fused to the surface of a ceramic piece, kiln : a furnace or chamber for firing ceramic products, leather hard : clay that is still moist, but is rigid and no longer plastic, scoring : scratching pieces of clay before joining them together, firing : heating pottery or clay to a temperature high enough to make it hard and durable, opaque : colors that are solid, translucent : colors that you can see through, pin tool : sharp metal tool used for drawing, scratching clay, loop tool : tool used for scooping out clay, and for hollowing out solid areas, rib tool : tool used for smoothing clay surfaces; can be made from metal, wood, plastic, rubber, earthenware : ceramic ware made of slightly porous opaque clay fired at low heat, ceramic : made from clay that has been shaped and hardened by heat, clay : a sedimentary material that is soft and pliable when wet and consists mainly of various silicates of aluminum