Ceramic Clay Terms Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: firing : clay is hardened by heating it to a high temperature fusing clay particles, pattern : a design principle referring to a repeated element, bonedry : clay that has no moisture or dampness and is ready to fire, coil : clay that is rolled into a strand or rope, greenware : unfired clay, ready for firing, ceramics : objects made of clay, fired in high temperatures for a chemical change to take place in the clay body, texture : a design element referring to the surface quality or feel, plastic : when clay is easily manipulated and bent, earthenware : a low fire clay that is porous until glazed, slip : a liquid suspension of clay used after scoring to help bond two clay surfaces, bisque : clay that has been fired once, leatherhard : damp clay that is too hard to bend, but soft enough to be carved, form : a design element referring to a 3-d object, glaze : a coating of material applied to ceramics that forms a glass like surface in the heat of firing, dry footing : removing glaze from the bottom of a piece of pottery before firing, kiln : a furnace used to fire ceramics, movement : a design principle referring to the dynamic path of the viewer's eye when viewing an art object, slab : clay construction using evenly rolled out flat pieces.