Wood Working Terms Crossword Puzzle

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  • off cut : a waste piece of lumber
  • planer : power tool used to carve thin slices from a board to straighten or square a surface or edge
  • shank : the shaft of a bit or cutter that is gripped in a tool by a chuck or a collet
  • back saw : a hand saw that is stabilized with a rigid spine along the back of the blade
  • sliding dove tail : this joint offers great strength and rigidity for box work, especially drawers and case pieces.
  • root : the portion of a screw length below the head that has threads on it
  • lathe : machine used for turning wood on an axis
  • groove : a three-sided trench cut with the grain of a board.
  • gouge : a chisel-like turning or carving tool with a curved edge
  • truing : the act of making true, as in square, flat, concentric or balanced
  • rip cut : a cut parallel to the grain of a board.
  • cutting list : a comprehensive list of all the needed parts for a project, including the name of each piece needed, and the dimensions of each piece
  • pre drill : to drill a hole before driving a nail.
  • ferrule : a metal ring secured around a smaller piece of metal or wood to reinforce it.
  • jigsaw : a power tool using a vertical, reciprocating blade; used for cutting different kinds of materials depending on the type of blade used
  • apron : the part of a table between the legs that attaches the base to the top
  • miter saw : a handsaw used with a miter box; a power saw, similar to a circular saw, that cuts miters