The Color Wheel Crossword Puzzle

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  • black : to make a color a shade darker, you would add the color _ to it
  • beige : the four neutral colors are black, white, brown and _
  • intermediate : these are made by mixing a secondary color and a primary color together
  • white : to make a tint in a color, you would add the color _ to it
  • blue : to make purple, you would add red and _
  • red : to make the color orange, you would add yellow and _
  • intensity : this is the brightness or dullness of a color
  • purple : the complimentary color of yellow is
  • primary : cannot be made by mixing any other colors together
  • complimentary : these are across from each other on the color wheel
  • analogous : family of colors that look alike
  • yellow : three primary colors are: blue, red and _
  • green : the complimentary color of red is _
  • secondary : these are made by mixing two primary colors together
  • orange : three secondary colors are purple, green and _
  • cool : these are any shade of purple, blue, or green
  • monochromatic : this means one color
  • warm : these are any shade of yellow, red or orange
  • orange : the complimentary color of blue is _