Ceramics Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: vitrify : the changing of clay into ceramic, shrinkage : contraction of clay during drying and firing, bisque : clay that has been fired, functional : a category of pottery that serves a useful purpose, coil : method for creating long "snakes" of clay, slab : flat piece of clay made by rolling, positive : space that is occupied by the form, scoring : scratching the two pieces of clay that are to be joined, leather hard : the state where clay has dried enough to hold its shape yet can be carved or joined together, subtractive : when a sculpture is created by removing parts from the method is called.., glaze : the coating applied to a ceramic piece that becomes glass-like when fired, plastic : clay that is still wet enough to be workable, firing : the process of raising the temperature in a kiln until the clay has completely hardened, negative : space that exists around and through a form, relief : a sculpture in which forms project from a flat surface, modeling : a method to make simple ceramics involving pinching and molding the clay with your thumbs and fingers, wedging : kneading clay in order to remove air bubbles and create a consistent texture, bat : a portable platform upon which to transport or work on your clay, kiln : an oven that reaches extreme temperatures necessary to vitrify clay and melt glazes, sculptural : a category of pottery that is created for aesthetic purposes only, rib : a kidney shaped tool used to smooth clay, clay : decomposed igneous rock, bone dry : clay in which all moisture has dried out, additive : a sculptural method that creates by attaching separate parts, clay wire : a tool used to cut off pieces of clay