The Art of Drawing - 2 Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: fine : delicate, thin lines, diagram : a drawing that illustrates the parts of a structure or form, thin : narrow, sketchy : rough lines used to develop a figure or a form in a drawing, line weight : the thickness of a line, depth : the representation of 3-dimensional space, light : areas of light value in a work of art, cross hatching : crisscrossing lines; the direction of the lines, as well as how dense they are, can affect the form and value of the image, vertical : lines that run top to bottom, or parallel to a flat surface, realistic : lifelike, contour : the shape or form of a three-dimensional surface, juxtapose : to place side by side, outline : the line that defines the outward edges of a shape, diagonal : slanted, moving from the lower left to upper right or lower right to upper left, contrast : 2 elements opposing one another, such as when dark and light are placed near each other in a way that shows their differences, straight : not curved, highlights : areas of light value that bring attention to a certain part of an artwork, dotted : a series of marks, plane : the 2-dimensional surface of a painting or drawing, dynamic : energetic