Ceramic Terms Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: burnish : rubbing a leather hard piece to create a smooth and shiny surface, mold : a hallow shape that a clay slab is pushed into in order to copy that form, glaze : a coating that has been matured (fired) to a glassy state on a formed ceramic article, kiln : a furnace for firing (heating) dried clay, firing : the process of heating pottery in a kiln to bring the glaze or clay body to maturity (strong and/or desirable finish), wedge : a procedure for preparing clay by hand, kidney : a bean shaped tool made of flexible steel or stiff rubber for pressing and smoothing clay, score : to rough up a surface of clay in order to make a joint stronger, greenware : also known as raw ware or unfired clay items, coiling : hand building method of forming pottery by building up walls with rope like rolls of clay, slip : watery clay usually the consistency of heavy cream. it is used to join and decorate leather hard pieces, slab : a method of making pottery in which a thick, flat plate or slice of clay is cut into shapes which are joined to create an object, fettling : the removal of excess clay in shaping pottery that has not been fired for the first time, needle : a long thin wire like tool used to precisely cut clay, pug : machine for consolidating clay body into a firm column of even consistency, pinching : the process of creating pottery by squeezing clay between fingers and thumb, pottery : all fired ceramic wares or materials which when shaped contain a significant amount of clay, under glaze : decorative coating applied to clay item before it is fired (green ware/ raw ware)