The Art of Drawing Crossword Puzzle

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PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.

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QUESTIONS LIST: curved : a line that bends or turns, background : the part of an artwork that seems farthest from the viewer, detailed : having many intricate elements, simplify : to make less complex, line : any stroke made by a pen, brush, or other tool, middle ground : a part of a painting or drawing that is between the foreground and the background, repeating : a pattern or element that occurs over and over in a work of art, foreground : the area in an artwork that appears closest to the viewer, thick : broad; wide, observation : the act of looking closely, autodidact : one who is self-taught, tones : the quality of a color, graphic : an image simplified to lines, shapes, forms, and colors, hatching : an area of parallel lines, stylized : a from reduced to its most basic shape, pattern : similar or identical images or sets of images repeated in an artwork, shadow : an area of darkness that is cast by an object that cuts off light to that area, zigzagged : pattern of lines arranged in a series of sharp angles