Ceramics Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: banding wheel : a portable turntable for rotating pottery being formed or decorated, bisque : a ceramic ware that has been fired once, bone dry : objects made from clay that permanently retains their shape after they have been fired in a kiln, flange : a clay ring that holds the lid of a pot on, clay : fine particles of decomposed granite or other feldspar-bearing rocks, become plastic when wet, coiling : a process of building with ropes of clay, one on top of another, extruding : the process of shaping moist clay by forcing it through a die, glaze : a coating of glass that is fused to the surface of a ceramic piece, kiln : a furnace or chamber for firing ceramic products. it is capable of reaching temperatures in the thousands, leather hard : clay that is still moist, but is rigid and no longer plastic, similar to a chunk of cheese, it now can be carved easily, however, if you were to charge the form, it might break, scoring : scratching the edges of clay before joining them together, firing : heating pottery or clay to a temperature high enough to make it hard and durable, armature : a framework around which clay can be molded. armatures are usually removed before firing, antiquing : a decorating technique used to accent recessed areas of a relief, carved or textured surface, slab roller : a machine used to flatten out clay, plastic : when clay is soft and pliable, opaque : glazes that are solid colors and will cover what its on top of, translucent : glazes that are see through, good for textured surfaces.