Nutrient Cycles Crossword Puzzle

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  • denitrifying : which type of bacteria are anaerobic?
  • oxygen : in eutrophication, aquatic animals die due to lack of what?
  • ammonium ions : nitrogen fixing bacteria convert nitrogen gas into what form of nitrogen?
  • respiration : during decomposition of biomass there is an increase in temperature due to a rise in which process?
  • legumes : peas, clover and beans are known collectively as what?
  • light : in eutrophication, aquatic plants die due to lack of what?
  • nitrites : nitrifying bacteria convert ammonium ions into which other type of ion?
  • mycorrhizae : which type of microorganism increases a plants uptake of water and ions?
  • saprobionts : which type of microorganism are involved in eutrophication?
  • nitrogen fixing : what type of bacteria live in root nodules?
  • nitrogen gas : most of the nitrogen is found in which form?
  • artificial : which type of fertiliser is more soluble and more concentrated?
  • nitrates : denitrifying bacteria convert which form of nitrogen into nitrogen gas?