The Golden Goblet Crossword Puzzle

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PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.

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QUESTIONS LIST: heqet: the friend of the main character, goblet: an exquisite cup with a foot and a stem, ranofer: the main character, fig: a delicious fruit common in egypt, reeds: a tall, slender plant that lives in marshes, silver: a precious grey-ish white metal, throne: a chair for a king or a queen, papyrus: an egyptian water plant made in to a form of paper, chest: a box that usually holds something valuable, lotus: a beautiful flower that lives in water, donkey: a pack animal, gebu: the antagonist, bread: food made from flour, water and yeast, tomb: a underground vault for burying the dead, khefts: a an evil spirit that only comes out at night, gold: a precious material used often in jewelry, fish: an edible creature that lives in water, stone: a hard solid rock used for building, tiy: the queen of egypt, copper: a reddish-brown metal made into coins, nile: the river next to egypt, sand: a loose granular substance, usually yellow-ish brown