Rhetorical Devices Crossword Puzzle

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  • rhetoric: is the study and art of speaking and writing well
  • hyperbole: it is a deliberate overstatement or exaggeration
  • bathos: a literary device derived from the greek word meaning "depth". it happens when the writer falls into absurd metaphors or descriptions.
  • rule of three: father, son and holy spirit is an example of what rhetorical device?
  • tautology: a literary device used by writers to say something more than once, using the same or synonymous words.
  • false: "oh! my darling - my darling - my life and my bride" is an example of hyperbole. true or false
  • euphemism: calling someone "big-boned" instead of fat is an example of what literary device
  • balance: "women are sexy; men are successful" is an example of what literary device?
  • antithesis: it is the absolute opposite of something.
  • true: putting words in inverted commas or italics is done to make an emphasis. true or false?