Animal Farm Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: frederick : mr _ - neighbor who enters into an alliance with napoleon, marx : father of communism, the puppies : napoleon's "security force.", lenin : leader of the russian revolution, old major : provides the inspiration that fuels the rebellion, clover : gentle horse that shows concern for boxer, the hens : first to rebel against napoleon, minimus : pig who writes the second and third national anthems after "beasts of england" is banned, the young pigs : four pigs who complain about napoleon's takeover but are quickly silenced then later executed, boxer : the loyal, hard worker, napoleon : allegory of joseph stalin. the main villain, jones : mr. _ - former owner of animal farm, benjamin : skeptical donkey, stalin : russian leader who succeeded lenin as head of the communist party, squealer : napoleon's right-trotter and minister of propaganda, trotsky : russian and revolutionary writer; minister of war, mollie : self-centered horse that loves ribbons and sugar, muriel : a wise, old goat that is friends with everyone on the farm, moses : the character that brought hope, snowball : napoleon's rival, communism : political theory derived from karl marx, advocating class war and leading to a society, whymper : mr. _ - man hired by napoleon to act as the liaison between animal farm and human society, pilkington : mr. _ - owner of a large neighboring farm and foxwood.