The Merchant of Venice Crossword Puzzle

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  • shylock : " i am a jew. hath not a jew eyes?"
  • salario : he knew of jessica's plans to run away. shylock hears about it from him,
  • venice : the play also takes place in this italian city,
  • portia : she is bound by her father's will.
  • belmont : home of portia and nerissa.
  • nerissa : she is portia's lady in waiting,
  • monkey : shylock learns that his daughter traded a ring in exchange for this.
  • act : shakespeare's plays are divided into these.
  • solanio : he also knew that jessica was running away.
  • bassanio : " promise me life, and i'll confess the truth."
  • ducats : form of money in the play.
  • antonio : he lends the money to bassanio and is indebted to shylock.
  • aragon : he chose the casket of silver.
  • revenge : this is shylock's motivation with regard to antonio.
  • scenes : each act is divided into these.
  • tribe : shylock refers to this as a way of identifying another jew.
  • tubal : he tells shylock about another ship wrecked in tripolis.
  • ring : portia gives this to bassanio
  • flesh : shylock wants a pound of this to seek repayment.
  • duke : the ruler of venice who will help make the decision regarding the bond.
  • rialto : financial district of venice
  • bond : the repayment is also referred to as this in the play,- another word for agreement.
  • drama : recreation of human life and emotions - must be performed- has dialogues and actors.
  • morocco : he chose the casket of gold.
  • lorenzo : jessica's husband