Language Variation Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: mesolect : creole historically and developmentally between its acrolectal and basilectal stages, sociolinguistics : study of language in use, especially in terms of variation, dialectology : study of variation in a particular language or language family, accent : systematic phonological variation among dialects, basilect : creole strongly marked against its lexifier language, that is, one with extensive creole features, dialect : variety of a language, whether regional or social, systematically different from other varieties of the same language in structural (i.e, morphological, syntactic) or lexical features, acrolect : creole that closely resembles its lexifier language, that is, exhibits relatively few creole features, code switching : movement from one language to another (for instance, from spanish to english) or from one variety of a language to another (for instance, from african american english to standard english) depending on the social or linguistic situation, isogloss : line that separates an area that use one lexical item, grammatical construction, or pronunciation from another area on a dialect map, covert : prestige that a nonstandard variety of a language carries within a speech community