Literature Terms Review! Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: occasion : the context that prompted an article or speech to be written, pathos : appealing to emotion, foil : a character meant to contrast with the main character to highlight certain traits, tone : the author's attitude toward a subject within a text or speech, syntax : sentence structure, audience : the group a person is trying to persuade, diction : word choice, ethos : appealing to credibility and trust, speaker : the point of view or voice that tells the story, kairos : the timing of a speech or article, foreshadowing : hinting at what's to come, motif : something that intentionally repeats throughout a narrative (could be an idea, color, object, etc.), logos : appealing to logic, hook : the very first sentence of an essay that grabs the reader's attention, satire : use of humor or exaggeration to critique society, frame : a _ story is a story within a story, anecdote : fancy term for personal story, allusion : indirect reference to something outside the text that contemporary audiences would understand.