Bible Books Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: ezekiel : dramatic prophet who saw wheels in wheels, acts : history book in the nt, philemon : paul wrote a letter to this master of a runaway slave, moses : writer of the first 5 books of the bible, exodus : tells about the exit from egypt, poetry : ot section where you find psalms, leviticus : books of sacrifice laws, daniel : he wrote a book of prophecy and was in a lion's den, jeremiah : often called the weeping prophet, esther : queen who saved the jews from genocide, luke : wrote the book of acts, joshua : book named for the general who led them into the land, shorter : minor prophets are called "minor" because they are _ , paul : wrote most of the nt letters, jonah : prophet who ended up inside a fish, matthew : first book in the nt, genesis : first book in the bible, malachi : last book of the ot, titus : paul wrote 1 letter to him, about the church, gospels : nt section books that tell the life of jesus, samuel : prophet who anointed david, and 2 books in the ot are named for him, david : he wrote many of the psalms, lamentations : jeremiah's lament over jerusalem, proverbs : book of wise sayings