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QUESTIONS LIST: EZEKIEL : Dramatic prophet who saw wheels in wheels, ACTS : History book in the NT, PHILEMON : Paul wrote a letter to this master of a runaway slave, MOSES : Writer of the first 5 books of the Bible, EXODUS : Tells about the exit from Egypt, POETRY : OT section where you find Psalms, LEVITICUS : Books of sacrifice laws, DANIEL : He wrote a book of prophecy and was in a lion's den, JEREMIAH : Often called the weeping prophet, ESTHER : Queen who saved the Jews from Genocide, LUKE : Wrote the book of Acts, JOSHUA : Book named for the general who led them into the land, SHORTER : Minor Prophets are called "minor" because they are ___, PAUL : Wrote most of the NT letters, JONAH : Prophet who ended up inside a fish, MATTHEW : First book in the NT, GENESIS : First book in the Bible, MALACHI : Last book of the OT, TITUS : Paul wrote 1 letter to him, about the church, GOSPELS : NT section books that tell the life of Jesus, SAMUEL : Prophet who anointed David, and 2 books in the OT are named for him, DAVID : He wrote many of the Psalms, LAMENTATIONS : Jeremiah's lament over Jerusalem, PROVERBS : Book of wise sayings