The Giver Crossword

Download and print this The Giver crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: Gabriel: What is the name of the new child Jonas's family is taking care of, Annex room: Where does Jonas go for his assignment, Elders: The people who decide everything, Bicycle: What do the nine's receive at the ceremony of nine, Giver: The title of one of the elders, Nineteen: What number is Jonas for the ceremony, Community: Where Jonas lives, Fiona: This person has red hair, Jonas: Main character, stirrings: What you feel when you have feelings for someone, Christmas: The Giver's favorite memory, Apple: In what does Jonas first see the color red in, Honored: What the head chief said he was for earning this assignment, Birth mother: What assignment did Jonas's mother say was a dishonor, Snack: What did Asher really mean when he said smacks, Asher: Who was recreational director, Elephant: Lily's comfort object, assignment: , Snow: Jonas's first memory