Book of Exodus Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: moses: the man called by god to lead israel out of captivity, pharaoh: a man who hardened his heart to god's demands, aaron: the man who god gave to moses to help him lead israel, joshua: a young man who assisted moses while he was meeting with god, blood: what god caused the nile river to become as a judgment against egypt, frogs: the second plague on egypt, also increased by pharaoh's magicians, gnats: the plague of small insects that followed the frogs, flies: a plague of common insects that filled the houses of the egyptians, livestock: egyptian animals of the field that died, boils: a plague of festering skin affliction, hail: this fell in a plague during egypt's worst storm since it became a nation, locusts: a plague of large swarming insects that devoured everything that survived from a massive hail storm, darkness: the plague that cause no one to be able to see anyone else or move for three days, firstborn: the final plague that god brought against egypt in causing both people and livestock to be struck dead, passover: an annual feast the israelites observe to commemorate god sparing the lives of their firstborn, miriam: the sister of moses who celebrated the red sea crossing, manna: the bread god provided israel with on a daily basis (except sabbath), quail: the wild game bird that god used to feed israel on their journey, sinai: the mountain where israel camped and moses ascended to receive the law, gold: the material aaron used to fashion a forbidden idol, tabernacle: the structure with its furnishings that allowed sinful israel approach a holy god, veil: a curtain that separated the holy place from the holy of holies; torn when jesus died, lamp stand: an article in the tabernacle that represented the light of god's presence