Fish in a Tree Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: unhappy: how ally felt when called out, baby shower: a baby _ is held for mrs. hall, albert: a male friend of the main character, alone: a word that ally defined correctly, tremendous: extraordinarily great, holiday concert: ally and her classmates sing in a _ concert, classroom: where the kids learn, delirious: to be wild with excitement, smoothies: ally and keisha enjoy _ at the restaurant, cupcakes: ally, keisha, and albert bake _ which turn out terrible, persevere: to continue despite obstacles, embarrassed: how ally felt when receiving an award, ally: the main character in the novel, gym: where the holiday concert takes place, study: oliver likes to _ insects and animals, bake: keisha likes to _ , restaurant: where ally's mother works, shay: a girl who bullies the main character, butterfly garden: shay holds her birthday party in the _ garden, draw: ally prefers to _ rather than read, annoyed: how shay felt when noticing ally in an ugly-looking car