The White Giraffe Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this The White Giraffe crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: torch : i was left on the floor of the game reserve and was picked up by the warden, jeremiah : i am a very mystical creature. i saved martine's life, ben : i am an outcast at school. i helped martine when she was being chased by the gang, martine : i lost my parents in a fire, kirstenbosch : i am the garden to which the children from caracal junior came for their school trip, tendai : i work at sawubona. i have scars on my body, gwyn thomas : i am taking care or my grand-daughter, alex du preez : i found martine's torch and tried to return it, cape cobra : i am a very deadly reptile. i scared martine, marula tree : i am a tree. known as a 'one-stop pharmacy', mrgrice : i am from social services. i has to tell martine that she has to move to africa, caracal junior : i am the school that martine goes to, msrathmore : i am the headmistress of the school which martine goes to, egyptian goose : i am a bird. martine saved my life.