Speech Terms Crossword

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PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: ETHOS: the effect of the speaker's credibility, character, and goodwill, RECEIVER: intercepts and interprets message, CONSTRUCTIVE: __________ CONFLICT - difference of opinion that leads to creative alternatives, DISRUPTIVE: __________ CONFLICT - disagreement that prevents a group from making a decision, COHESION: Social "glue" that holds a group together, ENCODING: message is conveyed through symbols, SENDER: transmits the message, MODERATOR: impartial person who organizes a discussion, LOGOS: the persuasive appeal dealing with reasoning/logic, SMALL GROUP: a group of 3-12 members, FORUM: opportunity for audience members to ask questions, INFORMATIVE: type of speech that explains an idea, process, theory, person, place or thing, COOPERATIVE: helpful and unselfish, NONVERBAL: facial expressions or body movements, PANEL: informal discussion before an audience, PATHOS: appealing to the listeners emotions, COMPETITIVE: independent and self-oriented, COMMUNICATION: exchange of information and ideas or the expression of ideals and values, MESSAGE: words, body language and symbols that convey an idea, DISCUSSION: exchange of information and ideas among a group, FEEDBACK: words, body language and symbols that respond to the sender's message, BARRIER: COMMUNICATION _________ : any obstacle that gets in the way of effective communication, SYMBOL: anything that stands for an idea and is used for communication, BRAINSTORMING: creative process for coming up with ideas