The Catcher in the Rye Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: allies glove : holden writes stradlaters paper on _ ; causes a fight, phoebe : holden's little sister; understands holden better than anyone, sally : holden takes her on a date; left crying after holden calls her stupid, innocent : holden thinks all children are _ , phony : all adults are _ according to holden, two : all these events take place in how many days?, allie : holdens younger brother; died at a young age, pency : school holden is attending at the beginning of the book, weather field : phoebes fake middle name; the adventures of phoebe _ caulfield, nuns : holden has a conversation with two _ at breakfast; talk about school, hunting hat : holden buys this red _ in new york, spencer : holden's elderly history teacher at pency; talks to him in the beginning of the book, carl : knows a lot about sex; gets a drink with holden, ackley : holden's slob of a neighbor at pency, holden : narrator of the novel, record : what does holden buy for phoebe? (little shirley beans), db : holden older brother; a writer who sold out to hollywood, jane : holden's childhood friend; goes on a date with stradlater, museum : holden used to go here as a child; likes it because everything stays the same, stradlater : holden's handsome roommate at pency, maurice : elevator boy; pimp, sunny : maurice sends her to holdens room; teenager, ducks : holden wonders where these go during the winter.