William Blake Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: Obvious : The suffering is clear to see o_______, Corrupt : Even the church is turning its back on the suffering, proving that it is c_______, Oxymoron : Language device in "blights with plagues the marriage hearse...", Plosive : Type of aggressive alliteration, Ignorant : A word to describe the government i________, Marks : Visual signs that the people are suffering m______, Weakness : The people's faces show marks of w______________, Repetition : Language device in "in every cry of every man, in every infant's cry of fear, in every voice...", Metaphor : Language device in "runs in blood down palace walls...", Every : Shows that the suffering is being experienced by the majority e_____, Chartered : Means controlled, planned, repeated in stanza 1 c_____, First Person : The way the poem has been written f______ p______, Cry : Emotive reaction, repeated in the poem c____