Things Fall Apart Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: OBIERIKA : Okonkwo's friend who helped him sell and maintain his crops while he was exiled., CHRISTIANITY : The "white man's" religion., EVIL FOREST : Place in Mbanta where christian missionaries' church was built and burial sight for the dead., UMUOFIA : Okonkwo's village which banished him after he kills his son, Ikemufuna., MARKET PLACE : Place in village where missionaries preached before they built their church, NWOYE : Okonkwo's oldest son who disobeys him and converts to christianity. Weak and lazy., EFULUFU : Word used to describe an empty and worthless man., MBANTA : City where Okonkwo lives after being banished from Umuofia., OSU : An outcast in the village., COLONIZATION : What sparked change in Umuofia.