The Grapes of Wrath Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: IRONY : What is being used when they talk about how cotton is a necessity for war for explosives., IMAGERY : He uses this device many times in every other chapter when describing the setting, RHETORICAL : What type of question is being used at the top of page 44?, CLOTHES : What did they use torn cotton bags for?, CALIFORNIA : Where were the migrants going?, DOLLAR : How much did one cotton bag cost?, WORK : What will end at the end of the season?, METAPHOR : What type of comparison is being used in this quote? "The bank is something more than men, I tell you. It's the monster.", ANECDOTE : What device is being used when Tom is talking to Casy about his childhood on page 90?, MEAT : What did they buy once they arrived back at the cotton camp?, COTTON : ______ pickers, REPETITION : On the bottom of page 31 what device is being used when Casy talks about sins?, SIMILE : Name the literary device "Pick clean, clean as a whistle"?, WORKERS : What is there a surplus number of in the fields?, WRATH : The Grapes of _____, SIMILE : What type of comparison is being used in this quote form page 18? " You had that big nose goin' over me like a sheep in a vegetable patch.", WINTER : What season is approaching?, MIDWEST : What part of the US did the workers come from?, TURTLE : What animal is being used to foreshadow in chapter 3?, STACCATO : What style of voice did Steinbeck use for the workers?, ROCKS : What did the workers put in their bags to weigh more?