Elements of a Short Story Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: situational : type of irony that has a set of circumstances which turn out to be the reverse, suspense : a plot device that makes reader curious, flat : the type of character that has only one or two distinct qualities, objective : narrators tell the story without revealing what characters are thinking or feeling, omniscient : readers know all about the characters, satire : the use of irony to ridicule an idea, person or thing, indeterminate : the type of ending that there is no solution to the problem, dramatic : type of irony that has double meanings, flashback : a character may day-dream about a time in the past, epiphany : an occasion when you suddenly understand something, unhappy : the type of ending that the protagonist doesn't overcome the conflict, theme : meaning of the story. the central idea-reflection on life, allusion : a reference to a well-known person or event, from history, contrast : pointing out of differences, conflict : a clash of forces that makes the story interesting, dialogue : actual conversations between characters, dynamic : the type of character undergoes a permanent change in some aspect of his character , outlook, or personality, internal : the type of conflict that is between two people, surprise : a plot devices that unexpected things happen, plot : outline of the story, round : the type of character that has complex traits, mystery : a plot device that grabs reader's interest, static : the type of character remains the same throughout, symbol : a real thing that has other meanings and associates beyond itself, irony : type of device that expresses a meaning contradictory to the stated one.