Lord of the Rings Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: gollum : _ is a very scary creature, baggins : _ is bilbo's and frodo's last name, mordor : _ is the land of the dark lord, frodo : _ is the ring bearer, bilbo : _ baggins is frodo's uncle, sauron : _ is the dark lord, ring of power : _ can destroy sauron forever, shire : _ is were hobbits live in peace, orc : an _ is an evil creature that works for evil, gandalf : _ the grey leads the fellowship, legolos : _ has a great shot with a bow and is a friend of gimli, saruman : _ is a wizard and is now a servant to sauron, rivendell : _ is a beautiful elf city, samwise : _ is the most loyal friend, aragorn : _ now wields the sword of isuldir, moria : the mines of _ is where gandalf fell, gimli : _ is a small, stout dwarf