Halloween Scavenger Hunt Crossword

Download and print this Halloween Scavenger Hunt crossword puzzle.

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QUESTIONS LIST: SAMHAINOPHOBIA : The name for the fear of Halloween, SPIDERS : Arachnophobia is the fear of ____________., BROOKLYN : The largest jack-o-lantern ever carved was in this city., BATS : Vampire _______ live in Central and South America., IRISH : Immigrants who brought Halloween customs to North America, TURNIPS : First jack-o-lanterns were carved from ______________, MAMMAL : Bats are the only ___________ that can fly., CANDY CORN : The Jelly Belly candy company has used the same recipe for ___________ since 1900., DEAD : DAY OF THE _______ - Celebration in Mexico on November 1st and 2nd., LARGE MELON : The word pumpkin comes from the Greek word for _____________., EGYPTIANS : The people who originally made mummies., WITCH : According to superstition, if you wear your clothes inside out and walk backward on Halloween you might see a ____________., ASSISTANTS : Black cats were once thought to be witch's ______________., PUMPKIN : The largest fruit in the world., BLUE MOON : The name for the second full moon in one month., ORANGE : Most common color of pumpkins., BLACK : Halloween colors are Orange and _________.