Halloween Trivia Crossword

Download and print this Halloween Trivia crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.

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QUESTIONS LIST: WITCH : Her cackle crashes through the midnight sky as she rides around on her brromstick, ZOMBIE : One who is undead, WEREWOLF : Human by day and creature by night. Silver bullet anyone?, BOOGEY MAN : This monster lives under your bed! He is the reason you are afraid to sleep with your light off!, BLACK CAT : Don't let this cross your path, or bad luck will be headed your way!, COSTUME : Wear it on October 31st!, PUMPKIN : Carve and Hollow this, FRANKENSTEIN : With body parts of different creatures, and bolts sticking out either side of his neck, he has a face not even a mother could love!, VAMPIRE : A blood thirsty villain, CANDY : Result of Trick or Treating!, CLOWN : Big red nose and spooky hair. Originally created for fun a laughter , some have turned to the dark side!, TRICK OR TREAT : Kids love to do this on Halloween Night!, HAUNT : Ghost do this!, GHOST : These creatures are not always demonic or vengeful, some are lonely and restless waiting for someone or something to get them to the other side