Halloween Candies Crossword Puzzle

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  • jellybeans : president ronald reagan's favorite candy
  • licorice : candy that i am convinced no one likes; ronald reagan's favorite jelly bean flavor
  • trick or treat : what you say when you knock on a door on october 31
  • grave : place where someone is buried
  • pumpkin : everything is flavored with this, and spice, in october
  • blood : a lot of fake _ is used on costumes on halloween
  • starbursts : very chewy candy, pink is the best!
  • cackle : witch's laugh!
  • orange : this color is made mixing red and orange
  • jolly rancher : popular hard candy-green apple is the best
  • halloween : recently released horror-movie remake; also holiday on october 31
  • mandms : they melt in your mouth, not in your hand
  • hershey : famous candy and chocolate company from pennsylvania
  • peeps : strange, bird shaped candy popular around easter time
  • butter finger : nobody better lay a finger on my _ !
  • costume : you need one of these to get candy on october 31
  • milk duds : chewy candy that many people get at the movies
  • purple : this color is made mixing red and blue
  • blow pop : lollipop with gum in the center
  • cauldron : witch's cooking pot
  • nerds : tiny, tangy, crunchy candy
  • skittles : they look like m&ms, but are not made of chocolate
  • snickers : packed with peanuts, this really satisfies
  • twix : you usually get two in each package of this chocolate, caramel, and cookie candy.
  • gummy bears : small, chewy, multi-colored candies, shaped like large mammals.