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QUESTIONS LIST: BLACK CAT : Bad luck to cross my path., OWL : Goes hoot hoot., BROOM : How a witch travels., COSTUME : A disguise., WEB : Spiders spin this., COFFIN : Vampires bed., SPIDER : Creepy hairy with 8 legs., BAT : Flies at night., SCARY : ______ stories are told at night., GHOST : What goes boo in the night?, WEREWOLF : The moon makes me howl., PUMPKIN : Designs are carved on me., ZOMBIE : I want to eat your brains., FRANKENSTEIN : Green with bolts in my neck., WITCH : I wear a pointy hat and have a green face., MOON : At night I light the sky., HALLOWEEN : October 31., VAMPIRE : I can't be in sunlight., CANDY : What I handed out on Halloween., TRICK OR TREAT : Reason to wear a costume., SKELETON : I can make music as I walk.