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QUESTIONS LIST: black cats : many us pet stores and pet adoption centers ban sale or adoption of these around halloween, twenty one : the blockbuster movie “halloween” was made in how many days?, seventy eight : the movie “halloween” released in the year nineteen _ _ , spirits : superstition says a child born on halloween has the ability to see what?, trick or treat : “souling and guising” is another name other for what?, fruit : is pumpkin a fruit or vegie?, alabama : which us state bans dressing as a priest or nun for halloween?, silly string : in hollywood during halloween, which item is banned from 12am october 31st to 12pm november 1st?, samhain phobia : the fear of halloween is known as?, romania : transylvania is a region of which country?, harry houdini : name the famous magician who died on halloween?, coven : a group of witches is called a what?, turnips : the first jack-o-lanterns were made from what produce?, lonchaney : who was the first actor to play the wolfman in movies?