Foundations of Geology Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: dike : a vein of igneous rock that runs perpendicular to the strata, rock : usually a combination of two or more minerals, unconformity : a surface of erosion that separates one layer of rock from another, crystalline : usually with a sharp, geometric shape, mineral : basic building block of rocks, erosion : there is only an unconformity when there is clear evidence of _ , stalagmite : structure that rises from the floor of a cavern, stalactite : an icicle-like structure hanging down from the ceiling of a cavern, magma : molten rock, minerals : inorganic crystalline substances found naturally in the earth, laminae : several layers of lamination together, strata : layers of rock, lamination : a single layer of rock that is less that 1 cm thick, column : when the formation in a cavern is from the floor all the way to the ceiling, sill : a vein of igneous rock that runs in the same direction as the strata, topsoil : topmost layer that is rich in humus, metamorphic : rock that has undergone change, usually due to heat and/or pressure, water : most sediment is laid down by _ , delta : sediment deposits carried to the end of a river can form this.