Food Safety Crossword Puzzle

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  • fridge: you put your food in here to keep it cool
  • clean : it is important to do this to surfaces before and after preparing food
  • gloves : you wear these on your hands
  • fungi : a group of microorganisms that includes molds and yeasts
  • cross : _ contamination - the transfer of harmful substances or disease-causing microorganisms to food
  • toxins : poisons that are produced by microorganisms, carried by fish or released by plants
  • thermometer : you use this to make sure your food is the right temperature
  • cover : it is important to _ your food to avoid contamination
  • soap : you use this to wash your hands
  • moldy : your food can turn _ if it is out of date
  • poisoning : food _ - is any illness resulting from the spoilage of contaminated food
  • bacteria : living single-celled organisms