Cooking Techniques Crossword Puzzle

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  • steaming : simmer food on boiling temperature
  • poaching : simmer food in liquid on slow heat
  • boiling : food cooks on high temperature and get tender using hot water vapor
  • grilling : give color to your food by exposing heat
  • roasting : food cooks initially on the high 'indirect heat'
  • broiling : food directly expose to heat to cook the upper layers
  • baking : hot stones to bake food
  • bbq : people use to cook their food using charcoal
  • frying : how you cook omelet
  • stir frying : low amount of oil to cook food
  • deep frying : high quantity of oil is used to fry the food
  • basting : similar to a roasting method. showing juicy, gravy driven food with some roasted effect on the upper skin
  • braising : food is cooked on high temperature and then you can keep it on low by adding liquid
  • stewing : slow cooking process on low heat in which food is being cooked with liquid to form stock/gravy/sauce
  • pressure cooking : pressure cookers
  • skillet cooking : you can use it for sautéing, braising, frying, searing and baking