Food in Ireland Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: Irish Stew : A thick and hearty soup usually made with cream, meat, potatoes, cabbage and other vegetables simmered in it., Champ : A combination of mashed potatoes and chopped spring onions., Leek : A vegetable that resembles large green onions and is used in Irish potato soup., Shamrock Shake : A green frozen treat flavored with peppermint. (hint, White Pudding : A combination of pork sausage and oatmeal. (hint, Colcannon : A famous Irish potato dish, which is typically mashed potatoes mixed with kale or cabbage., Mince Pie : A traditional Irish pie, made around Christmas time, with a rich mixture of fruit, nuts, spices and fat., Soda Bread : The most popular bread in Ireland., Spotted Dog : This is a traditional Irish fruit bread and is usually eaten spread thickly with butter., Black Pudding : A combination of tomatoes and blood sausage. (hint