Fruits and Vegetables Crossword

Download and print this Fruits and Vegetables crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.

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QUESTIONS LIST: SWEDE : a person from Sweden, LETTUCE : start of a salad, CARROT : a crunchy orange vegetable, WATERMELON : sounds like it might drip, MANGO : tropical fruit oval shaped, BANANA ; yellow smile, PEACH : book, 'James and the Giant _____', POTATOES : yummy mashed, PEAS : in a pod, CAULIFLOWER : white flower, BEETROOT : purple and we like it tinned, LEMON : sour citrus, SPINACH : made Popeye strong, TOMATO : red fruit or vegetable?, RADISH: tangy red vegetable, APPLE : the start of the alphabet, ONION : it has layers and can make you cry