Dry Nuts Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: Seeds : The complicated truth here is that most nuts are actually_____________ because they generally open on their own & leave the shell. the term “nut” implies that the shell will not automatically open and release it., Roasting : ______________ nuts brings out the flavor and fragrance when they release essential oils., Diabetes : Consuming various types of nuts help to reduce your risk of ______________., Fiber : Nuts keep you satisfied longer because of their high amounts of ______________ & protein which prevents them from being fattening or contributing to weight gain., Six : Because of their oil content, nuts can go bad. they can be kept in a pantry for up to ______________ months past their “best by” date & in the fridge for up to a year., Fruit : Nuts are scientifically considered ______________ because they protect the seed inside., Decrease : Consuming various types of nuts help to ______________ inflammation., Smell : If you’re not sure if your nuts have gone bad, the easiest way to tell is to ______________ them., Calories : It was recently discovered that we don’t actually absorb all of the ____________ from the nuts because they are more difficult for the body to break down., Fat : Nuts do have ______________. but it is the good and natural kind that your body needs., Carbohydrates : One ounce of nuts contains only about five grams of ______________, whereas a slice of white bread contains about 15 grams., Antioxidants : Nuts are also full of ______________ which help fight free radicals in the body., Protein : You can count on 27 grams of ______________ in about one cup of nuts., Lower : Consuming various types of nuts help to ______________ blood pressure., Heart : Consuming various types of nuts help to reduce your risk of ______________ disease.