Common Food Terms Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: Vegetarian : A person who only eats vegetables is a ____., Deep Fried : Chicken fried in deep oil is this., Delicious : A word to describe food that looks like it will taste very good., Homemade : A meal made from scratch., Meat Eater : If you are not a vegetarian you are probably a ______., Under Cooked : This is when food is not cooked enough, Unhealthy : Sweets are considered very _____ for your body., Processed : Food that is not organic is probably this., Boiled : Food that is cooked in hot water is ________., Spicy : Foods from india usually taste very hot and ________., Overcooked : Burnt food is this., Strong : Onions flavor is sometimes described as very _______., Disgusting : Food that looks and tastes awful is this., Well Balanced : When you eat foods from all the food groups you are eating this type of meal., Raw : If food is uncooked it is probably this., Junk Food : Food with empty calories is usually called _____.